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A good cake – Leffe Chocolate Tart

Old content alert!

Thanks very much for visiting my blog. Always happy to have people read my stuff but just thought I should point out this post is years old. If it's about technical stuff there is a possibility that it is no longer relevant, if it's a bug report/fix I'm hoping that it should now have been fixed.

Of course if this is what you're looking for and it does work then great, just don't say I didn't warn you...

What with it being my birthday and all I thought it a good a time as nay to show and prove to the guys at work that my talents reach even further than that which they see on an everyday basis (swearing, drinking and occasionally web design and development). I like cake, I like chocolate and I like beer so looked for a way in which I could combine all three and came up with this beauty of a recipe – give it a try and I am sure you will be impressed as they guys at work were!


500g flour (sieved)
250g butter (I went for unsalted)
150g sugar
1 egg (beaten)
400g dark chocolate (not shit stuff, 70% solid minimum)
200g butter
5 egg yolks
3 eggs (whole)
100 sugar
100ml Leffe Brune


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180c
  2. Make pastry – you COULD use a food processor for this but I prefer to chuck all the pastry ingredients (minus the egg) into a bowl and get my hands messy.
  3. Once the pastry ingredients are well mixed pour the egg into the middle and work together until you get a nice smooth dough
  4. Wrap the dough in cling film and put in the fridge for about 30 minutes to chill – I used this time to drink the rest of the beer (please remember to keep the 100ml over though!)
  5. Lightly flour the work surface and butter a flan tin (32cm diameter recommended but the 28cm I used was fine)
  6. Roll out the pastry so it will fit your tin then place it in.
  7. Cut a roll of baking paper the size of the tin and place on the pastry; also weigh the pastry down using rice or dry beans wrapped in a bag to stop it rising too much.
  8. Place in the oven for about 18 minutes (take the beans/rice out after 15)
  9. While the pastry is baking break the butter and chocolate into a heatproof bowl. Place this bowl over a pan of boiling water to melt the chocolate and make a smooth goo of choc (its ace)
  10. Whisk the sugar, egg yolks and eggs together in a separate bowl until smooth
  11. Mix the chocolate mix (once melted) with the eggs mix.
  12. Add the lovely beer (and drink the rest – opptional….)
  13. Fill the pastry (once cooked) with the chocolate/egg mix and cook for about 8 minutes in the oven at 220c
  14. Allow to cool and then refrigerate overnight!

I hope you fill agree this is a pretty awesome sounding cake; it certainly worked for my work mates and I!!!

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  • David Beamish

    How come there is no leffe in the actual recipe aside from you getting trollied on it? :-)

    I added mine to the filling mix and am currently chilling it over night. Wasn’t too impressed with the pastry. Mine crumbled too easily – perhaps I should have used a larger egg! Used ready made pastry in the end.

    Speaking of eggs.. this uses 9 eggs? And 450g of butter? Good lord! Is a heart attack waiting to happen :-)

    Looking forward to trying mine tomorrow. Thanks for this!

  • Ross Bruniges

    Ah shit – I must have missed that out – basically you put it in with the chocolate mix – only about 100ml so you still have plenty left to drink (you can certainly taste the diffence with it though!)

    am sorry you’ve had a few probs with the pastry – everyone said mine was really really good (trying not to sound smug)

    I will double check the recipe and make ammendments, but with all that sugar, eggs and chocolate it’ll be good either ways!!!

    Tell me how it (and any other attempts) go!

  • David Beamish

    hehe I chucked it into the chocolate/egg mix and mixed it all together. Was fine. Very tasty – incredibly rich. Can only manage a small piece at a time! Not sure what went wrong on the pastry frontreally .. still no big worry. The ready made stuff from the supermarkets is very good quality these days.

    I’m taking a load into work tomorrow and Thursday for the reprobates I surf the web with during office hours as we’re all rather keen on Leffe (the blonde one ideally but the Brune one will do for now! – Triple is a bit much though ;) )

    thanks again

  • Ross Bruniges

    mmmmm – triple!!