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A very English performance

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Yet again the English mess it up when it really matters!

Now I was never jumping on the bandwagon in regards to this being our “one big chance”. I felt our players were overrated as a whole, the style of football awful and the managerial decisions flawed; and I was proved pretty much right! I can’t remember which commentator said it but the minute I heard it said that “England have been so heroic holding out for this long” I knew we were in trouble (it was like the Champions League final all over again). What we really had to do was win the match when we had the chance and we couldn’t do – they were just not good enough!

Compare this to Andy Murray’s win over Andy Roddick at Wimbledon – there was a play who went out to win and had the bottle to play that way (of cause he has since been knocked out but he’s still just a young’un). At no point during the match did we look confident and the penalties showed this as a fact – the Portuguese looked confident; we looked like we were shitting ourselves.

In order for England to win anything they are going to need to find bottle and a will to win. Unfortunately without that we will always be a nation who are essentially happy to draw matches in terms of sportsmanship and fairness.

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