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d.Construct – the conference

Old content alert!

Thanks very much for visiting my blog. Always happy to have people read my stuff but just thought I should point out this post is years old. If it's about technical stuff there is a possibility that it is no longer relevant, if it's a bug report/fix I'm hoping that it should now have been fixed.

Of course if this is what you're looking for and it does work then great, just don't say I didn't warn you...

Well yes – that was certainly a very, very good way to spend a weekend – there is so much that I could be talking about that I have split the weekend into three bumper packed fun packed posts – I WILL waffle so bear with it, it will be worth it!

This first half is to cover the conference itself, much to my surprise after the night/morning before I awoke at 5.30 as expected, got some irn-bru down me, got on the train and got into Brighton and conference venue in plenty of time and was more than happy to meet one of this blogs biggest fans waiting there too! AS he had travelled all the way from Croatia to attend the conference he was in a similar state to me but of cause for very different reasons!

As you have all probably guessed I was rather much looking forward to this conference and was hoping that my anticipation would be met as I certainly needed some peeping up to get me out of my funk so yet again it was nice to get a bit of a conference crew together to help get me through the day – that crew being Neil Crosby (best of luck at Y! mate – you lucky bugger), Olly Hodgeson and Trevor Morris – thanks guys, was really nice talking to you guys during the day and during the sessions!

In regard to the sessions I think its pretty fair to say we had a nice mixed bag leading from the rather dry (but extremely useful) information type sessions from Jeff Barr telling us all about the services that Amazon provide and Thomas Vander Wal talking about tagging and folksonomy – I will admit that for ME these two didn’t really float my boat but certainly I learnt a lot which is what I came here for (regardless of what people may think!)

I am a fan of practical sessions and was happy to say that we had three classics from Jeremy Keith talking rather shamelessly about his use of public API’s in his past projects, bout why he enjoys using them, how we can get about using them and more importantly why; Jeremy also managed to get microformats into the talk – microformats are getting a bunch of heat right now and I am certainly going to start using them more (of cause I was going to anyways but this has give me rather a kick up the arse) and thanks have to go out to Trevor Morris for helping me in with a problem I had in regard to using them!! Derek Featherstone provided a great, great, great talk about making our applications more accessible – this has been rather a bug bear for me so was great to be able to hear that we do actually have ways to ensure accessibility in these web 2.0 applications (sorry, I had to use the term, just had too). Finally we had Aral Balkan providing a really cool insight into Flash and Flex – Aral is really passionate about this stuff and being a former devilflash developer I certainly was interested to hear about how its changed (and rather worrying for me it seems to have rather a lot!)

This session was the only one that pissed me off slightly. Not because of the content matter, I think Flash has advantages over using Ajax for a number of products and will argue this if people wish! I was just a bit disappointed that a lot of people certainly didn’t seem to share my views with numerous people turning up late and some even leaving half way through this presentation. I found it rather narrow minded that people weren’t even interested to hear about this stuff – but hey that’s just me!

We then had what I term as the inspirational talks – these coming from the ever excellent Jeff Veen and the Y! double team of Paul Hammond and Simon Willison. Getting this insight into some of the great minds of two of the webs biggest companies is always great – and as expected it was!

If I have one grumble it would be the lack of leg room at the venue – during those double sessions I was getting rather uncomfortable; people could say that I shouldn’t be so big – its a valid argument and if people have ideas how I can change please let me know!

That’s the conference covered pretty well I think, so its on to the after-party!!!!

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