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d.Construct – the food

Old content alert!

Thanks very much for visiting my blog. Always happy to have people read my stuff but just thought I should point out this post is years old. If it's about technical stuff there is a possibility that it is no longer relevant, if it's a bug report/fix I'm hoping that it should now have been fixed.

Of course if this is what you're looking for and it does work then great, just don't say I didn't warn you...

As I had the weekend in Brighton I wanted to make the most of it by indulging on yet another of my passions – good food!!! I had heard that Brighton had a number of good places, some had been suggested to me, others just looked nice and others I had seen on TV. I managed to get into one each of these and I am still feeling pretty full from all this – and I don’t think my waist-line is very happy!

E-Kagen – Saturday lunch

Having seen this given a 5 out of 5 rating by Jeremy Keith I thought this was going to be worth a look. I am also not really up on what Japanese food really is so was well up for finding out!

It took me a while to find as while my trusty map was doing its trick my ‘trusty’ map reading was doing its best to get me lost – but I found it, along with the Chinese/Japanese supermarket of the same name which confused me for a bit. I went up stairs to the restaurant (which was ABOVE the supermarket of same name) and I was the only person there, don’t know if it was just opened or what but anyways I wanted to eat their food and they wanted to serve it to me!

Being greedy I had a glance at the menu and went for a set meal AND some sushi (they seemed to think it might be too much but it was a recurring theme of my eating this weekend as you will see!). I had some sea bass sushi, octopus sushi (very fresh fish – good stuff) and a set menu of miso soup, sticky rice, salad and gyoza (prawn and pork dumplings) that also were tasty, fresh and filling. On a hot sunny day after a long walk this was just the kind of food I wanted – it was lovely and light while also filling – a very good restaurant; well done Jeremy in your recommendation!!

Zafferelli’s – Saturday dinner

After a few drinks in another Jeremy Keith recommendation, the Earth and Stars I got a bit peckish. Also I had gained a following as much to my surprise two people had listened to my “lets all go to the Earth and Stars” pub tomorrow annoucnement at the conference party. James, LJ and myself all headed off to town in search of someplace nice. In un-food related matter I would just like to say that James and LJ are two awesome people, I hope we can meet up for another similar evening again as it was really nice to meet you and hear about all the stuff you’ve done (kind puts me to shame!). Equally if you are looking for free-lancers to do work for you have a look at their consultancies page – they definately get my seal of approval!

Back on to food and we decided Italian was the thing to go for. We could have gone to a Strada but there was also this local place and we went for that (supporting local business – woohoo). Their menu was vast but well organised and I went for a Calamari starter which was well cooked and generous enough to get me going, James had the same, LJ went for a mozzarella salad type thing – looked good! Main course for me was veal – as I have said before I am always happy to see a ‘carne’ section on an Italian menu and my breaded escalope with fried eggs wrapping some anchovies was a good choice I think. Could have been dry had they fucked up the eggs – but they didn’t! James had a seafood pizza, LJ had salmon taggalatelle (you know what I mean!)

I felt it was a good meal; would definitely go back to check out the rest of their menu as I am sure there are some gems hidden in there, a good end to a great day.

Momma Cherris Big House Soul Food Shack – Sunday lunch

I think I was very lucky to get a table here! The first thing the booking line says is “we are booked up for 8 weeks for weekend, Friday and Saturday evening tables”. Thankfully I popped down there, put on the charm and got a table for Sunday lunch at 1; and it was lucky I booked as by 1.15 the place was full!!!!!

Obviously being on Gordon Ramsey’s TV show has helped business but they have clearly hit the ground running! They had moved into bigger premises just opposite their old place and had done a nice job – everything was bright, all the staff were great, friendly, knowledgeable about the food they were serving and chatty. Again I went for it by ordering the “soul in a bowl” and also a Philly cheese steak (I love those things!!). In a similar manner to E-Kagen they seemed worried that I may have ordered too much – but undaunted as to what they may think I went for it!!

It's a lot of food sir - are you sure?? Of cause my dear!!They didn’t lie – there was a LOT of food in the soul in a bowl (and all for just £10!!). From what I remember (and you can see I have pics to remind me) there was:

  • Southern fried chicken
  • meat jambalaya
  • hot wings
  • ribs
  • sweet potato salad
  • home made macaroni and cheese

I washed it down with three beers and by the end of it I was indeed rather full – but of cause had it not been so darn tasty I wouldn’t have forced each tasty morsel into my mouth! This was good home cooking at its best. They call it soul food, I personally call it happy food. You eat it with your hands and it just makes you feel good (if not full to bursting!). They also say that if you are not full you can always order more (I think for free…..) – as much as I wanted I decided that I had best not check this out – and the friendly staff agreed!

Excellent food (and I told the staff that I’d be reviewing it on my website so if you are reading hey there Momma Cherri!!!!)

So brings my trip to Brighton to a close – as you can imagine I am very full, very tired but also very inspired – I have some cool plans that I hope I can get into fruition – watch this space!!

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  • L-J

    Ross, I can say that both James and I really enjoyed your company and am looking forward to meeting up and trying your recommended chippie (although I think you and James might want to give the kebab a miss this time!). Am definatly going to make it down to Momma Cherris now I’ve read your review (in like 8 weeks time!). You’re always welcome down our way for some more wicked sushi.

    Keep in touch.

  • Ross Bruniges

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kebabs! I will never learn not to like them regardless of what I say at the time….