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d.Construct – the socialising

Old content alert!

Thanks very much for visiting my blog. Always happy to have people read my stuff but just thought I should point out this post is years old. If it's about technical stuff there is a possibility that it is no longer relevant, if it's a bug report/fix I'm hoping that it should now have been fixed.

Of course if this is what you're looking for and it does work then great, just don't say I didn't warn you...

After stretching my legs (believe me I needed to after being scrunched into those wee seats (I’ll stop mentioning them after I get blood flowing through my feet again) I made my way down to the after-party which was being held on the beach front via my lovely hotel.

The place to be was The Terraces and I certainly was there, until they kicked me out!

Thankfully I got there a little bit early so managed to get one free drink on the tab but by the time the vast majority of my crew came along the tab had run out – saying that they went off for a lovely sounding meal at a near by Carluccios so they prob didn’t mind too much!?!?!?

OK – we all know I have a bit of reputation for drinking, drinking too much and the drinking some more and looking rather hideous in photos – but I have to say I was on my best behaviour this time round, I did of cause drink but I could have drunk a lot more. I put this down to two reasons

  1. excellent conversation (with a wide wide range of people)
  2. crazy golf!

To explain about Crazy Golf there was basically a competition in which we played a round of crazy golf and the person receiving the best round would win a prize. I had no idea what the prize was but my competitive streak kicked in and I wanted to win! Unfortunately a lot of people seemed to be interested in watching and documenting my round – there are numerous photos showing my game – if you want to have a look at me in ‘action’ have a look at my flickr page. Now unfortunately I am not sure who won the golf (I am guessing its not me as my round of 49 was of cause unfortunate, excellent, unfair due to my paparazzi, utter bollox but as I don’t think many people played I mayhave won – but seems I will never know!

But the conference was all about the people I met and spoke with. I have to say that yet again I met a fantastic bunch of people and not being totally pissed hopefully meant I put over a better show of my self! The more events I attend the more I realise that the web-standards community are some of the nicest people in the world. I hope I have remembered everyone!

So it was a great afternoon, even with the golf disappointment and the disappearing tab – but of cause it wouldn’t be an event if I didn’t do something totally stupid and true to form I did – right at the very very end! To cut a long story shirt I found out that a few other people were heading back to the same hotel as me – The Seaspray – so it was good to walk back with company. We entered the hotel, they went off to their rooms, I went back to mine – or at least where I thought it was; and it wasn’t my room!!!!!!! This of cause got me a bit worried so I had a walk around, ran around, bumped into a bunch of women coming back who thought I had broken in; not a good thing. I then realised that the hotel has two sides and I was in the wrong one; oh Ross……

Well I wouldn’t be thecssdiv without these kinds of blunders would I!

Next up we get to the bit in which people may be really interested in – the food reviews! I went to a good few places – including a cheeky lunchtime booking at Momma Cherries Soul Food Shack!! It’s booked up on weekends for 8 weeks but I got in – woohoo – keep reading, two out of three done – finish the job and read about all the places I went to eat!

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  • Jay Caines-Gooby

    Hi Ross,

    You came 8th – respectable, but not good enough for a runners-up prize; I’d start blaming all those photographers if I was you.

    More detail in my party follow-up post

  • Ross Bruniges

    Oh crap – thats what stupid over confidence does for you!!!

    Eigth out of how many???

  • Caz Mockett

    Yeah, Ross, it must have been the Paps that put you off, mate ;-)

    [ducks down below the parapet as I was one of those guilty of Photography With Intent]

  • Jay Caines-Gooby

    8th of 39, but actually only out of 14, which is how many scores were returned to me…

  • Ross Bruniges

    I prefer it when you say 8th out of 39 jay! thanks for keeping me informed!

  • Sheila Farrell

    Speaking of pictures I need to get mine sorted out and uploaded. I was also on a media / press assingment shooting the “Youths of Brighton” for Heat magazine :-)