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South Africa – at last!!!

Old content alert!

Thanks very much for visiting my blog. Always happy to have people read my stuff but just thought I should point out this post is years old. If it's about technical stuff there is a possibility that it is no longer relevant, if it's a bug report/fix I'm hoping that it should now have been fixed.

Of course if this is what you're looking for and it does work then great, just don't say I didn't warn you...

Finally I get time to write something!! I hope that none of you thought that I had got up to any trouble and not managed to make it back – if the truth be told I have just had a bad case of food poisoning (on my first day back in England, dodgy curry, yuck yuck) and have had a really shitty time at work and have not had the inclination to write anything; until now of course!

I could ultimatly talk for ages about my trip, what I got up to and where I went but I don’t really think I want to be doing that now, I have been back for a week and think that its all lost of a bit of content. There is one story which I will be elaborating on (the one where I went into the South African jungle, got lost and got rescued by the mountain rescue team) very soon with a full blow story with both pictures AND video – I have learnt how to use youTube; but apart from that I am going to let my pictures and videos do the talking. I am also going to make my writing a bit interactive; if you see any pictures you would like explained then please please get in touch – I do not need much pushing to start spinning yards about what I have been doing – so the choice is yours on what I talk about.

In the mean time I have a load of pictures up on flickr all arranged into easy to browse sections – have a look at my flickr page. I also am in the process of getting a bunch of videos uploaded to youTube – again give me some time as my broadband connection is very slow, I’ll try and get them up at work tommorow ;> Again they WILL be great – I will tell you whe they are ready and if you have no patience check out my youTube page and you won’t need me to tell you!!!!!

So yes – I am not dead, I am alive and well, I have been drinking at geek dinners and been being very good indeed!

Enjoy my pics, laugh at my videos and wonder at my stupidity – it was an awesome holiday!!!!!!

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