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Imli – eaten and reviewed

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With a rather expensive Christmas behind me and an equally expensive shopping trip planned (in the good old new years sales) I was thinking about the best way to continue with my journey. It was cold; I was a bit stressed from all the people on the streets so really it had to be another curry! So I crept off Oxford Streets and down to Soho to find Imli and be surprised at the value for money I found!

To summarise

Imli - from the street, with one of the friendly staff giving me a wave!

167 Wardour Street, Soho,W1F 8WR

Smaller portions but a bigger choice – have a look through the menu and tuck into what looks tasty. Great for a quick and easy (and greatly priced) lunch or after one too many in the west end!

Ross says – 6 out of 10

To waffle

Portions at Imli are small but plentiful so more than enough to fill you up!I have heard of a number of ‘Indian Tapas’ restaurants opening up round the West End recently – not sure if this is the latest buzz word or just a simple coincidence that a number have been opened up at the same time; I will probably never find out as I really do not want to research too deeply into the matter. I have heard about Imli (and in fact ate their food) at the Taste of London festival I went to last Summer and it was tasty then so I was hoping the full menu would be as good if not hopefully better.

The menu is split up into four main sections to ease browsing and menu selection so you can choose a good mixture of starter dishes to modern classics to old favourites. Essentially everything looked pretty nice and not wanting to think to much due to my current state of stress I decided to go for the ‘Taste of Imli’ menu which takes all the choice out of things and serves a number of ‘chefs specialities’ (or indeed stuff which may not be selling to well and needs off the shelf – hey I am cynical!!). The four dishes I got were:

  • Sev Puri (potato filled wheat crisps topped with yoghurt, chutney and vermicelli)
  • Coriander Vadi (gram flour and coriander wedges with a tomato and mint sauce)
  • Amritsari Fish (paprika and ajwain battered tilapia)
  • Chicken Dhungar (Chicken with smoked tomato and fenugreek sauce)

All the food was pretty nice, nothing that made me thing “wow, this is awesome” but nothing that was pedestrian. Just very nice food, served by friendly staff and at a great price; the whole mean including beers cost about £19 which compared to other meals I have had and likely will have is great value! This is great as it gives you a bit more of a reason to go lavish and try a bunch of dishes and with a large group I can see this being a great place to visit – the place is large enough to fir in loads of people!

I would say this is a place I would recommend for lunches or a quick and easy lunch, or a birthday party, that would be awesome at this place!!

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