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Bentley’s – eaten and reviewed

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You say that the free London papers are good for nothing then you actually find something useful in them; as I did when I found out about London Restaurant week – £25 for a three course meal sounds like a bargain and a good way to sample what would normally be an expensive restaurant in my book. Richard Corrigan, the proprietor has cooked for the Queen; he has now (indirectly) also cooked for Ross (I must again apologise for the lack of photo’s; I am shit and I know I am).

To summarise

11-15 Swallow Street, Regents Street,W1B 4DG

Big reputation, big wine list but rather a disappointment – I appreciate that this was not the full al a carte menu but I felt they were pretty sloppy, especially with the seasoning on the fish. How can a well-respected seafood restaurant fuck up both a fish starter AND main so much!!

Ross says – 4 out of 10

To waffle

While not originally on the restaurant wish list I’ve always been interested to go to a Richard Corrigan restaurant, especially fish restaurant as I love fish, when its done well which in mind it isn’t always. With this in kind when I saw that I could get a table as part of London Restaurant week I thought it was a good idea to get in with a Friday night booking, meant that I got rid of L’Escargot (sorry Marco) but hey – £25 for a three course meal sounds a good deal right!?

Clearly we would not be able to order anything from the al a carte for this price but an especially menu had been created. To be honest it felt a bit of jip from the start, we had a table booked for 7pm and were told we needed to be out by 9pm so felt a bit rushed. Equally felt that we were not getting the best service available which clearly wasn’t great; yes we were on the “cheap menu” but with wine (they have a huge wine list) it still came to about £100 for us both. The menu looked pretty simple but tasty though:

  • Starters
    • Grilled black pudding, mustard onion relish
    • Confit of Clare Island Salmon, sauce gribiche
  • Mains
    • Roast plaice with tartare sauce
    • Sauté of Goosnargh chicken with mild mushrooms
  • Desserts
    • Poached rhubarb with yoghurt sorbet
    • Warm spiced chocolate pudding with vanilla custard

For me this was a bit of a meal of two halves; I did think that all my savoury choices were pretty nice (I had black pudding and chicken), filling and tasty (though my chicken may well have been over salted) BUT both of Gemma’s courses were pretty poor, both really salty and crapply cooked, the salmon was to slimy (due to the sauce) and the plaice just had an awful mushy texture. For a fish restaurant I find it really hard to believe that this could happen, is this actually what they were supposed to taste like or as we expected just a big cock-up from the chef!?! Both puddings were nice and tasty so things were not a total disaster but still….

The upstairs restaurant felt rather busy, the tables were rather close together (maybe this was so they could fit in more people??) and the service looked a felt a bit frantic; they seemed to have two teams of staff, one to bring the food out of the kitchen and another to point them in the right direction – bizarre if you ask me! Fellow diners seemed to have rather a feeling of grandeur (especially a REALLY boring couple who were sitting next to us, I really wanted to ask if all their food was over-sorted as if so we could have definitely got a refund – we didn’t though and instead laughed at them for using terms such as pomme puree which as we all know means mash!) But piss taking of other customers aside I really must say that I was pretty disappointed with the occasion (first time this has happened on the wish list). Regardless of how much we were paying I would still expect them to put in their best efforts and I don’t fell they did, this was an opportunity to show off the standard of their restaurant to the greater public and for me they have blown it as I won’t bother going back to sample the full menu – unluckily for them they didn’t know about this site or who knows, maybe they would have tried harder…..

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