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Dragon Castle – eaten and reviewed

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Local restaurants are a thing that I base my judgement of an area on – the more the better. Of course living in Elephant and Castle means I don’t really have many any of them that I would go to confidently though of course I’m always ready to try most things! I was therefore very interested to hear that a new, rather grand looking Chinese restaurant had opened up and it was causing quite a stir with glowing reviews from what seemed like everyone to go there – it went on the list and last week I went there!

To summarise

The dragon castle - it’s got a big red door with dragons outside!

100 Walworth Road, Elephant and Castle,SE17 1JL

A large menu with something for everyone and every pocket – they even do sharks fin soup! Generally good food but let down by a rather frozen looking fish course. A nice grand location (though not in the best of locations) with speedy staff and service; with such a large menu I should probably go back as the one bad course messed the place up for me…

Ross says – 5 out of 10

To waffle

Prawn and pork dumplings with Szechwan spicy soya sauceSautéed duck slices with fresh lily bulb and celeryThankfully I have always had parents who have tried to get me involved in international cookery, I still remember lividly the day I took my best mate out for his first ever curry (he was 16). Chinese has always been one of my favourites due to the freshness of its taste, the hint that some of it might well be rather healthy and for the reason that they do sweet, spicy, meaty or veggie so regardless of my mood I can always find something I like.

The Dragon Castle is situated on Walworth Road, not a very nice place to be. A large number of the clubs and restaurants around the area seem to be closing down left right and centre so for one so large to open, and for it to be such a success, drawing praise from, including others, Giles Coren – the whinny nonce who used to pop up on Gordon Ramsey’s F-Word, meant that I had to check it out. After what seemed like ages checking out the very substantial menu I decided to go for a good mixture and go for:

  1. Prawn and pork dumplings with Szechwan spicy soya sauce (starter)
  2. Squid fried with chilli, garlic and peppercorn salt (starter)
  3. Sautéed duck slices with fresh lily bulb and celery
  4. Swordfish Thai style steamed with chilli, garlic and lime juice
  5. Egg fried rice

The first thing to hit me was the speed in which I got my food, it seemed to be flying right out of the kitchen and while the service was a bit rushed (I had a few plates dumped down on the table by waiters) both of the started both looked and tasted delicious; for me squid is one of the dishes I judge a restaurant by and this one passed with flying colours! Mains came out equally fast (so much so I was not getting through my wine as quickly as normal) and the duck dish looked v nice with crispy skin and a light sauce. Unfortunately the fish course then came……

Fish is something that you can tell is fecked up rather quickly and this certainly didn’t look good. Eating it wasn’t much better, it was overcooked, not very well filleted and it looked a rather dull and unfresh/frozen colour – a real disappointment because it tainted the rest of the meal and made me focus more on what was rather sloppy service and boring atmosphere. This has lead to my rather harsh score – had to be done though….

I went on a Wednesday and the place was by one means empty but due to its size (the place is very large indeed) felt rather empty and dull, there was a pretty big mix of people eating there including families but still the place seemed rather quiet and lifeless. All in all I think this place is probably better than I am rating it, had I chose a different fish course it could well have got a 7 or 8; but that’s not how it went and I was a little bit disappointed, the question now is who is the better reviewer? Me or Giles Coran!?!?

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  • LSF

    Giles Coren is a better reviewer, but not by much. You both have much to learn. Your review would have carried more weight if you had actually published a photo of the fish dish, given your intense dislike of it and the fact you decreased the rating of the restaurant by 2 or 3 for this dish alone – it does seem a little unfair or extreme.