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Curiosity almost kills the cat

Old content alert!

Thanks very much for visiting my blog. Always happy to have people read my stuff but just thought I should point out this post is years old. If it's about technical stuff there is a possibility that it is no longer relevant, if it's a bug report/fix I'm hoping that it should now have been fixed.

Of course if this is what you're looking for and it does work then great, just don't say I didn't warn you...

I think most people know that I will eat essentially anything I see on a restaurant menu. While this generally leads me to finding a number of tasty treats it can also lead to my stomach having to work overtime to handle the food I put in it.

In case you didn’t know I am currently in San Francisco, or as I am calling it – the home of big breakfasts (of course that might just be an American thing…) of which I have now had many (well two but it feels like more. I have also now eaten brains, more importantly curried brains and lets say that while it has not come back up to say hello it left me in rather a mess when I ate it last night!

I think this should lead as a warning to both me and also the people I eat with – just because something could be a new taste sensation doesn’t mean I should eat it. Especially in a cheap restaurant!!

Thankfully I am now feeling tip top and plan to head to a pub!

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