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Come work with me for the Mozilla Foundation

Old content alert!

Thanks very much for visiting my blog. Always happy to have people read my stuff but just thought I should point out this post is years old. If it's about technical stuff there is a possibility that it is no longer relevant, if it's a bug report/fix I'm hoping that it should now have been fixed.

Of course if this is what you're looking for and it does work then great, just don't say I didn't warn you...

We’re looking to recruit this week (14th March 2012) – watch this space!

At the moment I’m the only developer on my team at Mozilla, in fact I’m the only person in my team. I am “Team Ross”. Thankfully in March this will change, we’ve already hired a designer and we’re looking to add at least another developer to work on supporting the Mozilla Foundations work, events and communities.

If that’s already got you wanting to apply then please have a read of the job spec and get your application in – If you’re looking for more information please read on…

What will I be working on?

Short answer – lots!

Detailed answer – just this week we’ve launched a the new Knight-Mozilla Open News partnership. The site right now is pretty basic and there are tons of improvements that need to be made. We want to do something around our events platform, including getting an events platform; you can read more about that through the thoughts of Ben Simon on the infrastructure of self-organising and Michelle Thorne on potential feature requests for web makers (trying to crowd source what things we might initially need). Mozilla are running a partnership with the National Science Foundation, Geni, Ignite and the White House called Mozilla Ignite so there is work to be done on that site as we build out the feature set there. Then there is the Mozilla Festival… So yeah, we’ll make sure you don’t get bored.

“Team Ross” as it currently stands (or sits) – come make it a proper team!

Of course all of your work will happen in the open – your code will be on github, our dev servers will have public access as will our bug tracking systems and wikis. I’ve found this a really exciting part of the job so far and it’s certainly not as scarey as you think it might be – people when commenting on your code are helping you make it better and there is a global knowledge base to tap into.

What technology will I be using?

Mozilla are a web company so everything will be based around HTML5. Server side we’ve got projects running on Django (using Mozilla Playdoh), nodejs and wordpress. We’re not tied to one technology and decide on a project by project basis what is the best fit in terms of what’s most useful for the client and can produce the best experience for our end users.

Where can I work from?

Mozilla have, or soon will have offices in 9 locations worldwide but also are very open to remote working. So where ever you are reading this from if you think you’re a good fit then please apply!. London will have it’s office opening in the next month or so, I’ve been in, it’s looking great and has a good location in Covent Garden; it will also come with it’s own bar!

So where do I apply?

As mentioned above you can apply (don’t forget to include a github/bitbucket/googlecode URL) at

Any further questions then please ask in the comments.