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Ross Bruniges – taken by Phil Whiteside (original)

I’m Ross Bruniges, Web Developer, beer drinker, occasional speaker and frequent diner in the restaurants of London. I’ve had this website for over 5 years now and to say that it has done everything that I wanted it to do would be a bit of a lie but I am giving things another punt after having a number of decent ideas in the past few weeks.

I’ve fought off various WordPress hacks, writers blocks and lack of ideas to try and talk a bit more openly about my work, experiences and general thoughts on things topical. I also hope to beef out my profile with my gitHub stuff, links to articles I have written and videos of talks that I have done.

If you liked reading my restaurant reviews they now have a new home, at ross-eats so I suggest heading off their for that kinda stuff and to marvel at my London burrito research project – I’m trying to eat them all so I can decide on which is best.

If you like what you read please let me know. I plan on adding in a few quick additions in the near future to liven things up a bit, and if things pan out as I hope there should be a few more interesting things to read sometime soon!

Ross Bruniges

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  • Charles

    I am researching new social movements, especially web-based ones. I loved the idea of Drumbeat and would like to speak to someone about the learnings from that effort. Are you the right person, and would you be willing?

    Charles Heckscher, Rutgers University, U.S.