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what football is all about!

Sunday afternoon (ARSENAL v ManU) was all a football match should be; there was passion, commitment and attacking play!! All respect to both Chelsea and Liverpool but they just bore the arse off of me to watch and in my mind that is the reason that regardless of success and wealth this was the clash of the premierships big boys! Read more

thoughts on a new stadium

If you didn’t already know (and to be honest I do keep it to myself rather when sober) I am rather a large supporter of Arsenal football club – anywhere that encourages shouting, swearing and cheering in such a mass level must be a pretty cool place and a very good way to spend a weekend. Read more

A very English performance

Yet again the English mess it up when it really matters! Read more

The World Cup – my way

England are going to win the World Cup; remember 1966; Rooney is better than Pele; we have the best midfield in the world…..FOR FECKS SAKE GIVE IT A REST!!!

What people seem to forget whenever we get excited about football is:

  • Rooney could very well not be match fit in time
  • We have Gary “Chuckle Brother Number 1″ Neville in defence
  • Sven’s safety first style and Rio Ferdinand is an accident waiting to happen
  • Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Holland, Germany and France

Read more

Play me! It’s The World Cup sticker challenge

The world cup is almost ready to kick off and I for one am very excited. Unfortunatly a number of my football hating friends are not and this will undoubtably cause a problem at some stage down the line when I have to watch the very crucial Ivory Coast v Serbia & Montenegro match (I am tipping the Ivory Coast to win this year but more on that later…)

Thankfully I have an answer to get them interested in all the games – the World Cup sticker challenge! The rules of the game are very simple; Read more