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Curiosity almost kills the cat

I think most people know that I will eat essentially anything I see on a restaurant menu. While this generally leads me to finding a number of tasty treats it can also lead to my stomach having to work overtime to handle the food I put in it. Read more

more video please

I have been getting some nice positive comments from all and sundry about my jungle trek video….We laughed from start to finish, One of the funniest things I have seen in a long time and Its great that I can hear your Somerset accent on youTube for example.

Now while I am still adamant that I do NOT have that much of a Somerset accent I think these comments are valid (I just I would do really) its also coming across that people are not getting to my other (equally good) videos on youTube. Whether this is laziness, a lack of the required signposting or the fact that maybe you people are lying in your praise I do not know; but so as you don’t miss out gaze on in awe at the remaining 11 videos! Read more

South Africa – the only tale you want to know about!

the hand drawn map - how could I go wrong!!As promised from my last post I am not going to bash on about what I did in South Africa; I did loads of things and could write a book on it (no one would buy it but I could do!). The one story I have that does stand out however is the one where I went off into the Tsitsikamma National Park, Natures Valley on me own with nothing more than a hand drawn map (see right), my trusty hat, a video camera and a digital camera (and of course clothes – but only a t-shirt on my top half!!!) on the search for the nearby town (Natures Valley proper) and pub!

Now it has been pointed out to me on a number of occasions that going off on my own into the jungle was a fucking stupid thing to do. BUT: Read more

South Africa – at last!!!

Finally I get time to write something!! I hope that none of you thought that I had got up to any trouble and not managed to make it back – if the truth be told I have just had a bad case of food poisoning (on my first day back in England, dodgy curry, yuck yuck) and have had a really shitty time at work and have not had the inclination to write anything; until now of course! Read more

South African update!

Heya people – clearly I have not been keeping the site as up to date as I would have hoped – I have been far too busy!!!!!! But this is good as you know that when I get back I will have a shit load to talk about, and when I say shit load I really mean it.

I am now in Cape Town, in an internet cafe from which I can see Table Mountain, I will soon be going up there as it is a lovely day, but as the proper Johnny Foreigner that I am I am really over dressed! To tantalise you guys on the upcoming articles I have so far –

  • seen elephants
  • stayed in the same suite as Brad Pitt once did
  • seen dolphins jump through the waves
  • been on a mountain/jungle trek
  • almost died (but as you can tell thankfully didn’t)

There is bound to be plenty more I could talk about but I rather need the loo so will cut this short – hope you are all having a great time wherever you are – and remember; don’t forget to bring a towel!!