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Posts from the ‘Web Development’ Category

Bye bye

So once again I’m moving jobs after being offered a role that I’ve been looking for since leaving Mozilla and having my 2013 summer holiday; I’m going to be the Head of Front-End Development at Possible Worldwide. After nearly 10 years of being 100% hands on I’m looking forward to start taking a couple of steps back to be able to think about how front end development can best integrate and contribute to a company and clients on going development as well as building out my team of devs in London and remote offices.


  • Building a responsive website onto of an existing (and profitable) desktop website has been an experience (both good and bad)
  • Am really looking forward to put into practice some ideas I’ve had over the years aimed to making my dev team feel great and do great work
  • I’m looking to recruit a lead dev to join me in the Front-End team, if you would like this to be you get in touch!

Why wouldn’t you use HTML5?

At work we’re about to start on a nice big project. The plan is to take our current codebase, strip out a ton of the cruft (the kind that grows and grows when the same code base is worked on for multiple years), improve the performance (due to various reasons JS has been turned off for IE7 users) and introduce a new front-end architecture based around data-contracts delivered from the back-end that are then parsed via our front-end templates. Our CSS and JS will be structured into neat and tidy modules loaded in as and when required opposed to loading in EVERYTHING at once as we’re going mobile-first in our design and development and care about our users because we’re nice conscientious developers. But we might not be using HTML5 (structural elements). I’m not totally sure how I feel about this. Read more

No longer (officially) a MoFo


So in what is probably a rather poorly kept secret I now no longer work for the Mozilla Foundation, in fact my last day was last week but in an attempt to stay ‘offline’ for a little while after that I’m only starting to look at the blogs and that kind of stuff again now.


  • with everything that they’re doing, and everything not work related that I’ll now need to be doing it felt like a good time to go
  • not sure what the future hold yet – but let me know of anything interesting you have (rossbruniges at gmail dot com)
  • mozilla is a great place to work – I’m happy to have done so and hopefully left a good legacy of websites, standards and friends!

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Easy Open Source workflow

So you’ve found an open source project to contribute to but you don’t really know where to start? It can all look pretty daunting but the good news is that it’s just a process of pretty easily repeatable steps; and the idea of this webmaker-bitesize article is to show you those and explain why they’re required. Read more

Writing a good bug

It’s a bit of a cliche (as google image search show us) but one of the best ways to get contributing to an Open Source (OS) project is to file a bug. It can occasionally seem a pretty silly and frustrating thing but as well as allowing you to tell people that something is broken or a new thing you would like the project to do it also introduces yourself to the existing community, project managers and developers. Filing a bug can seem a little daunting, especially if the developers are people you don’t know but if you follow some basic steps then you’ll be in a good place. Read more