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Posts from the ‘Web Development’ Category

new CSS for IE6 (kinda)

When attending a “future of CSS” talk at barcamplondon5 I pointed out that a few of the things mentioned as being availiable in IE7 where actually available in IE6. Much amazement was created and people asked why these things weren’t that well known. To be honest I don’t know why but in an effort to raise better awareness I am writing this blog post! Read more

barcamplondon5 = win

My weekend was spent in Richmond at eBay’s awesome offices at barcamplondon5. It was nice to attend a barcamp again after organising the last one in London and always fun to present (my talk notes and slides will be up soon).

After the general (and totally) unrequired hoo-hah from people regarding the ‘keynote’ I hoped that people would come down, enjoy the offices for what it is (a totally awesome space), stay the full weekend, do some good presentations and make it yet another great barcamp and I was pleased on most of these accounts though the fact that there were over 50 no shows really pissed me off – these were people who didn’t even tell eBay they weren’t coming – I think for the next barcamp something should be done to ensure this doesn’t happen (I have ideas) Read more

Django raw ID fields – explained (basically)

Raw ID fields seem to be a really cool django feature that allows you to link one model into another and provide a pretty nice UI tool that allows your users (editorial) to select which model to include. Unfortunately a quick Google seems to return API docs (which for thicko’s like me are fairly difficult to understand).

Thankfully after using them in my day job I’m happy to say that they are actually a piece of cake to do – and I’m going to explain how (at least how I did them). Read more

Event delegation in jQuery

At the start of the week I was lucky enough to attend @media Ajax in London. It was a great two days and while surprised at rather small number of attendees (not sure if it’s proximity to d.Construct and Fronteers had anything to do with this..) yet again the quality of speakers (as with all @media events) were high and I feel that I got a lot out of the two days (and nights at the pub :>)

While in the past I have written up my conference experiences this year I must tip my hat towards Mike Davies as he has done an excellent write up of both @media ajax day 1 and @media ajax day 2 over at his blog. Go and read that, it’s really well written and sums everything up well.

One thing that did cause suitable excitement (for me at least) was the talk from Yehuda Katz talking about jQuery as it highlighted a previously unknown method of achieving event delegation natively inside the framework. Read more

Barcamplondon4 – 120 geeks and 500 bottles of beer

This time last week I was getting ready for the second day of barcamplondon4 by having a nice cool beer on our roof terrace, which with the awesome weather turned out to be the massive hit I hoped it would be.

The same I hope could be said for the whole of barcamplondon4. Read more