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In the upcoming months I will be starting a new, moving to a new job in a new company (more details to come soon) and hopefully leaving behind a large number of demons that are with me whenever I enter my current office.

Yeah, for once in my professional life I think I can say that I am about to become proud!

But proud of what??? Read more

@media Europe – round-up

Another year, another great @media conference! Read more

@media USA – round-up

I am now back from San Francisco!

I got back today after about 12 hours and flying and a 14 hour stop over in Minneapolis (which actually turned out to be much more fun than I had imagined) and while I’m not really feeling any jet lag am awake and I don’t think that I am going back to sleep today – so what better thing to do than talk about @media San Francisco! Read more

standards DO help SEO – proof?!

Back in the old days when we were pushing for the adaption of web standards one of the key arguments for it was the boost it would provide to your search engine rankings due to, amongst other things, the correct usage of headings and having the key content closer to the top of the document alowing the search engine spiders to get at it quickly.

I have never seen THAT much concrete proof of this being 100% true until just this morning when doing a few web searches for restaurants I have been to and reviewed. Read more

five things

Not sure how long this has been ‘tagging’ along for – all messages from Ben seem to go into my spam folder – but I have been alerted to the fact that I should really tell you guy’s five things about me that you may not know. Read on, you may just learn something! Read more