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Play me! It’s The World Cup sticker challenge

The world cup is almost ready to kick off and I for one am very excited. Unfortunatly a number of my football hating friends are not and this will undoubtably cause a problem at some stage down the line when I have to watch the very crucial Ivory Coast v Serbia & Montenegro match (I am tipping the Ivory Coast to win this year but more on that later…)

Thankfully I have an answer to get them interested in all the games – the World Cup sticker challenge! The rules of the game are very simple; Read more

A new CSS Opera bug?

I don’t know if its a thing to get excited about; or even if this is something that people have know about for years and years and I had just missed. But a recent redesign of the LSBU wesbite brought to my attention a rather bizarre and rather catastrophic CSS rendering bug in the Opera browsers when it encouters the :target pseudo-class. Read more