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Images – why the right format matters

Websites in the past few years have started to suffer from bloatedness and over-indulgance. People have predicted that an average site may hit 2mb by the end of 2013 which is fairly hefty, especially for people on a slow network or those with a fixed amount of data they can use each month. There are lots of code refactoring processes that can be done to improve things but you don’t need to be a coder to make your site faster – just use the correct image for the subject matter it contains and you can make some amazing size savings. Read more

to 2013 and beyond…

If this blog is anything to go by all I ended up doing in 2012 was kill off a website, LOOK for a new member of the Mozilla Foundation WebDev team and rage tweet to near comedic levels. Thankfully that doesn’t paint the entire picture but it’s not like anyone really knows this as instead I decide to talk about my beer consumption and how angry I am at various things; I want 2013 to be better. Read more

Retiring – our plans in it’s current state has been live for a year and has helped support the Drumbeat community that:

  • has produced numerous projects that have since become core components to the Mozilla Foundations work efforts,
  • helped us run international events in Barcalona and London,
  • lead numerous community events worldwide.

We wanted a platform where people could let people could tell the world about their web projects, have the community help them out and have them made better. We received loads, with some of my favourites being:

These are all amazing projects but you might have noticed one thing – they’ve all now outgrown what we provide at Read more

Come work with me for the Mozilla Foundation

We’re looking to recruit this week (14th March 2012) – watch this space!

At the moment I’m the only developer on my team at Mozilla, in fact I’m the only person in my team. I am “Team Ross”. Thankfully in March this will change, we’ve already hired a designer and we’re looking to add at least another developer to work on supporting the Mozilla Foundations work, events and communities.

If that’s already got you wanting to apply then please have a read of the job spec and get your application in – Read more

Writing jQuery/javascript that doesn’t suck

At the start of the year I was asked by the London Web Standards Group to do a talk at their January meet-up and after a bit of thinking I decided to talk about writing jQuery/javaScript that doesn’t suck; I’ve had to clean up plenty of badly written code in the past and I therefore thought I had some decent things to say. It must have gone well as the London jQuery user group asked me to give it again in their July met-up (which is on the 4th July). I included reference to plenty of external sites in the talk and they can ALL be found in this post (and a few extra bonuses). Read more