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Welcome to Django!

I’ve been getting into Django for the past month and one of the things you hear about it all the time is how user friendly it is; how easy it is to understand. This is of course great and the kind of thing a not so confident programmer like myself like to hear!

Of course sometimes things don’t quite go to plan Read more

One day, two announcements!!!

Today saw the launch of the London Web Week (LWW) website as well as the announcement of Web Roots, a new conference aimed at new people coming into the industry; a great idea in my mind as the more new blood we get the better! All the hard work of “Mr @media” Patrick Griffiths – though I’m happy to say that I’ve also played my own small part in things.

LWW has been put together as a kind of umbrella event to hold a large number of geek events over one week in the summer – it’s a bit like a fun fair but with less rides, more beer and less slates getting stolen from your rooftop. I’m very happy that barCampLondon4 is being held as the closing event – hopefully it will be an excellent closing to the week. Read more

barCampLondon4 – so what?

barCamps are great fun; I was at the last one at Google and am now running the next one in my companies (GCap Media) offices in Leicester Square. Registration opens next Thursday (27th March) at 11am from our eventWax site and basically things are going to be a lot of fun! Of course I would say that but we’re not the second most interesting education event on for nothing! Read more



So the elephants are out, new content is in, ads will be coming in (worth a try), extra microformats are in (hAtom, hcard, hreview and hevent and a bunch of rel’s), pictures of me all over the place (surprise, surprise), the contact form has gone and thankfully I hope that things are looking a bit nicer :>

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This blog and it’s its (thanks Joe!) current “design” has had a good innings but eventually everything has to come to an end. In the upcoming week things are gonna be changing around here….