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I’ll be back soon!

So this is my first post in what seems like ages, in fact it has been ages – I’ve started a new job, moved house and organised a barCamp since!!

Want to know more??? Well I certainly want to tell you with with the current state of my blog (not all entirely my fault – never let Dreamhost loose on your web account) I reckon I’m better off sorting it out first!

More BarCamp info is coming up soon – make sure to check out the BarCampLondon4 page on upcoming and the barcamp wiki.

And much more Ross related fun coming up in the new year!!!!!

Keep safe – look out for me in the pub :>

Bar Shu – eaten and reviewed

Regular readers may have noticed that I always give a bit of extra praise to restaurants that provide that little something extra. This could be fantastic service, the best cooking imaginable or, in probably my favourite cases, food that you just doesn’t see anywhere else.

This is certainly the case at Bar Shu, which I have read in many places to provide a number of traditional Sichuan cooking, something that I must say I have never experienced first hand but seems to contain everything I could want; spice, exotic ingredients and intrigue. Read more

St John – eaten and reviewed

You hear all the celeb chef’s nowadays talking about how “we must use seasonal products” in our cooking. I’m cool with this but its not always possible; equally there are also foods that regardless of seasonality you just need to have week in week out. St John is a restaurant with very much the same ethic.

The place also appealed to me, as they love to promote “nose to tail eating”, nothing on an animal is wasted and indeed can created delicious dishes! I popped down there to see just how delicious this could actually be (you know how dubious I can be at times) Read more

The Queen of Sheba – eaten and reviewed

As I have been saying for a while now one of the things that I most enjoy about London is how totally cosmopolitan the place is. Growing up in a town that at the time had maybe one Indian restaurant and one pizza place the variety really is something to be proud of. So when I heard about Ethiopian restaurants I really had to go give it a try! Read more


In the upcoming months I will be starting a new, moving to a new job in a new company (more details to come soon) and hopefully leaving behind a large number of demons that are with me whenever I enter my current office.

Yeah, for once in my professional life I think I can say that I am about to become proud!

But proud of what??? Read more