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Benares – eaten and reviewed

Once in a while everyone should give himself or herself a little treat. With it being my birthday (20th July for anyone interested for next year) I though the time was right for one of my little treats by heading off to my favourite restaurant, Benares in Berkeley Square.

Since my last visit (same time last year) the restaurant has achieved a Michelin star; I would like to think my review from last year helped it on its way, there is no evidence to prove for or against this argument so I’m going to stick with it. Would gaining this award (the second of head chef Atul Kochhar’s career) have lead to complacency?!?! Read more

The Peasant – eaten and reviewed

Gastropubs are the cool thing at the moment it seems. If you have a pub and want to make more money then you DEFINATLY need to also serve good food (heaven forbid you actually think about getting in some interesting beers to draw in the punters, its not like they go to a pub to drink is it!?) I sound like I’m anti-gastropub but really I’m not; when I find I good one I will almost certainly go back for more again and again – especially in the summer. I’ve had my eye on The Peasant for a while now and was happy to finally be heading off there, and if the worse came to the worse there was a pub downstairs! Read more

@media Europe – round-up

Another year, another great @media conference! Read more

@media USA – round-up

I am now back from San Francisco!

I got back today after about 12 hours and flying and a 14 hour stop over in Minneapolis (which actually turned out to be much more fun than I had imagined) and while I’m not really feeling any jet lag am awake and I don’t think that I am going back to sleep today – so what better thing to do than talk about @media San Francisco! Read more

Curiosity almost kills the cat

I think most people know that I will eat essentially anything I see on a restaurant menu. While this generally leads me to finding a number of tasty treats it can also lead to my stomach having to work overtime to handle the food I put in it. Read more