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Posts tagged ‘design’

worst font EVER

OK guys, I’m pissed off, really pissed off in fact – had one of those days at work yesterday where absolutely nothing goes right; everyone who thinks they know anything about the web starts telling me how they think it could be made better, I prepare for a 6 hour meeting about a database system that we shouldn’t even bought in a million years and then some fucking muppet sends me exhibit A which really just delivers the knock out punch. This is a document that is handed out to all new POSTGRADUATE students starting on the forensic science course and it is written in comic sans!!! Read more

new style – what you think?

As my loyal readers will be aware (this week I actually found that I do actually have a loyal reader :>) I have tried my hand at a bit of a re-style over this past weekend. I call this theme the African Oasis and will be explaining why I have gone down this design route in a very near future post. I hope it doesn’t visually offend anyone here but as I do now have two styles (both can be plugged in and style the page correctly) I will be working on a little style switcher – while I like them there is no reason why my moods should effect how you see my website Read more