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Posts tagged ‘django’

Django raw ID fields – explained (basically)

Raw ID fields seem to be a really cool django feature that allows you to link one model into another and provide a pretty nice UI tool that allows your users (editorial) to select which model to include. Unfortunately a quick Google seems to return API docs (which for thicko’s like me are fairly difficult to understand).

Thankfully after using them in my day job I’m happy to say that they are actually a piece of cake to do – and I’m going to explain how (at least how I did them). Read more

Welcome to Django!

I’ve been getting into Django for the past month and one of the things you hear about it all the time is how user friendly it is; how easy it is to understand. This is of course great and the kind of thing a not so confident programmer like myself like to hear!

Of course sometimes things don’t quite go to plan Read more