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Ask Ross anything!

Yesterday night I had planned to come home and write up some slides on something interesting for todays BarCamp at The Guardian offices. Instead of that I came home, noticed that there was beer in the fridge and decided it would be a good idea to drink them all.

Therefore I have no slides, no idea for an interesting talk and have decided that instead of me talking about stuff that I deem interesting I am going to throw those kind of choices out to you guys instead. In a blatant rip off of talks hosted by Norm! in recent BarCamps I will be taking questions from the audience (assuming I get one) on anything and everything (with hopefully amusing results).

If you didn’t manage to get a ticket but would still like me to answer your questions (I’m hoping that the talks may be recorded or videoed in some way) then please leave questions in the comments below (indeed this could be a good place for anyone at BarCamp or not to leave me their contributions…

Lets see how this one pans out…..

more video please

I have been getting some nice positive comments from all and sundry about my jungle trek video….We laughed from start to finish, One of the funniest things I have seen in a long time and Its great that I can hear your Somerset accent on youTube for example.

Now while I am still adamant that I do NOT have that much of a Somerset accent I think these comments are valid (I just I would do really) its also coming across that people are not getting to my other (equally good) videos on youTube. Whether this is laziness, a lack of the required signposting or the fact that maybe you people are lying in your praise I do not know; but so as you don’t miss out gaze on in awe at the remaining 11 videos! Read more

off to d.Construct

Hooray – what turned out to be a little drink turned out to be a rather large one – this is why I am up at 2.15am trying to write and also trying to pack my bags (which I had hoped that I would have done beforehand but of cause as I fell asleep about 4 hours ago I have not done) Read more

I’m on Flickr!!!!

I am sure that you are all aware of Flickr -if not then you really are not a geek and I applaud you, I honestly wish that I wasen’t but recent events have lead me to believe that I may well be; but anyways….. Read more

@media – day 1

For me (and quite a few other people it seemed) @media technically started last night at the pre-conference party. As usual I did rather over indulge in the old drink so while I was extremely keen to I couldn’t actually do any kind of review of the event, what happened and who I met – while I could try it wouldn’t make a lick of sense. In a nutshell it was a big piss-up with a selection of savoury snacks – fantastic!

Thankfully for everyone involved I am in a much better state tonight, me and a few conference mates went for a curry and it has done as all good curries should do stemmed any kinda of drink stupor – again I must say fantastic. This means I can now reviews the days events in a way which will (hopefully) make sense, it was a great day so I would like to do it the credit it deserves. Read more