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Posts tagged ‘humour’

Thinking outside the box

to think outside of the box I must first know what it feels like to be inside one

its a picture of me in a box!

more video please

I have been getting some nice positive comments from all and sundry about my jungle trek video….We laughed from start to finish, One of the funniest things I have seen in a long time and Its great that I can hear your Somerset accent on youTube for example.

Now while I am still adamant that I do NOT have that much of a Somerset accent I think these comments are valid (I just I would do really) its also coming across that people are not getting to my other (equally good) videos on youTube. Whether this is laziness, a lack of the required signposting or the fact that maybe you people are lying in your praise I do not know; but so as you don’t miss out gaze on in awe at the remaining 11 videos! Read more

I’m on Flickr!!!!

I am sure that you are all aware of Flickr -if not then you really are not a geek and I applaud you, I honestly wish that I wasen’t but recent events have lead me to believe that I may well be; but anyways….. Read more

A very English performance

Yet again the English mess it up when it really matters! Read more

The World Cup – my way

England are going to win the World Cup; remember 1966; Rooney is better than Pele; we have the best midfield in the world…..FOR FECKS SAKE GIVE IT A REST!!!

What people seem to forget whenever we get excited about football is:

  • Rooney could very well not be match fit in time
  • We have Gary “Chuckle Brother Number 1″ Neville in defence
  • Sven’s safety first style and Rio Ferdinand is an accident waiting to happen
  • Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Holland, Germany and France

Read more