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Writing jQuery/javascript that doesn’t suck

At the start of the year I was asked by the London Web Standards Group to do a talk at their January meet-up and after a bit of thinking I decided to talk about writing jQuery/javaScript that doesn’t suck; I’ve had to clean up plenty of badly written code in the past and I therefore thought I had some decent things to say. It must have gone well as the London jQuery user group asked me to give it again in their July met-up (which is on the 4th July). I included reference to plenty of external sites in the talk and they can ALL be found in this post (and a few extra bonuses). Read more

Simple jQuery concat/expando plug-in

One of the ‘cool’ little features I managed to shoe-horn into London Guide was a nice little jQuery plug-in that I called the “expando of win”. It’s a fairly simple piece of functionality but I’ve done it in a way that I’ve yet to see and is hopefully going to be a bit friendlier on performance by keeping DOM manipulations to a minimum. It can be seen live in a the wild on event pages such as the fairly bizarre sounding Body Worlds and the Mirror of Time held at the o2. Read more

Event delegation in jQuery

At the start of the week I was lucky enough to attend @media Ajax in London. It was a great two days and while surprised at rather small number of attendees (not sure if it’s proximity to d.Construct and Fronteers had anything to do with this..) yet again the quality of speakers (as with all @media events) were high and I feel that I got a lot out of the two days (and nights at the pub :>)

While in the past I have written up my conference experiences this year I must tip my hat towards Mike Davies as he has done an excellent write up of both @media ajax day 1 and @media ajax day 2 over at his blog. Go and read that, it’s really well written and sums everything up well.

One thing that did cause suitable excitement (for me at least) was the talk from Yehuda Katz talking about jQuery as it highlighted a previously unknown method of achieving event delegation natively inside the framework. Read more

@media Europe – round-up

Another year, another great @media conference! Read more

@media USA – round-up

I am now back from San Francisco!

I got back today after about 12 hours and flying and a 14 hour stop over in Minneapolis (which actually turned out to be much more fun than I had imagined) and while I’m not really feeling any jet lag am awake and I don’t think that I am going back to sleep today – so what better thing to do than talk about @media San Francisco! Read more