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South Africa – the only tale you want to know about!

the hand drawn map - how could I go wrong!!As promised from my last post I am not going to bash on about what I did in South Africa; I did loads of things and could write a book on it (no one would buy it but I could do!). The one story I have that does stand out however is the one where I went off into the Tsitsikamma National Park, Natures Valley on me own with nothing more than a hand drawn map (see right), my trusty hat, a video camera and a digital camera (and of course clothes – but only a t-shirt on my top half!!!) on the search for the nearby town (Natures Valley proper) and pub!

Now it has been pointed out to me on a number of occasions that going off on my own into the jungle was a fucking stupid thing to do. BUT: Read more

Ross’ African adventure!

Well guys if the “African edition” was a rather poor hint at my future plans I now have an itinerary so I can actually tell you lot exactly what I’ll be doing on my upcoming holiday (I have realised that I actually head off next week!!). Being a fan of good food, wine, drinking, nature and animals (NOT in a physical sense) I reckon that South Africa is going to be a pretty damn awesome holiday destination and will hopefully make up for me missing the Oktoberfest (which I had previously been to for three years straight!). I am going cross country from Port Elizabeth (or as they call it PE) to Cape Town (where my good good friend and former work colleague at LSBU Linda now lives) so should be able to see a good load of stuff.

While I have no idea what I will be doing in most of these places but its good that I do at least know where I will be, in order to wet your appetite for some classic photos and pictures when I return please check out my itinerary (and read about my holiday sweepstakes!) Read more