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The summer of fun

I have had a day of clearing my head as today is my last day of being unemployed. The job I said I had lined up is starting tomorrow and after a whole summer of ‘slacking off’ (or relaxing as I think most other people call it) I’m actually looking forward to getting back into a slightly more ‘normal’ routine and office banter (and socials) again. But what have I actually been doing, and where will I be working from tomorrow?


  • I’m starting work at Expedia/ – I’ll be working in their offices in London (Islington to be precise)
    • having not really touched a computer in anger over the summer I’m hoping I can still remember how to code
  • I have continued losing weight – 20.8kg (45lbs/3.2 stone) lost and body fat percentage (down 11% from where I started)
  • fitbit says that I have walked over 920 miles
  • my mum has undergone rather major but what looks like very successful surgery to remove all visible cancer
  • I’m no longer feeling depressed

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No longer (officially) a MoFo


So in what is probably a rather poorly kept secret I now no longer work for the Mozilla Foundation, in fact my last day was last week but in an attempt to stay ‘offline’ for a little while after that I’m only starting to look at the blogs and that kind of stuff again now.


  • with everything that they’re doing, and everything not work related that I’ll now need to be doing it felt like a good time to go
  • not sure what the future hold yet – but let me know of anything interesting you have (rossbruniges at gmail dot com)
  • mozilla is a great place to work – I’m happy to have done so and hopefully left a good legacy of websites, standards and friends!

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Writing a good bug

It’s a bit of a cliche (as google image search show us) but one of the best ways to get contributing to an Open Source (OS) project is to file a bug. It can occasionally seem a pretty silly and frustrating thing but as well as allowing you to tell people that something is broken or a new thing you would like the project to do it also introduces yourself to the existing community, project managers and developers. Filing a bug can seem a little daunting, especially if the developers are people you don’t know but if you follow some basic steps then you’ll be in a good place. Read more

Responsive design – have we come full circle?

Responsive Day Out, or #responsiveconf (or #beefcheeks) was a one day conference held down in Brighton and organised by Jeremy Keith. The talks were fast and furious (20 minutes each) and followed by a seated discussion on sofa’s with Jeremy fielding questions from the audience. It was cheap at cheerful (tickets being great value at £50) with a good after-party that didn’t turn into carnage allowed many extended discussions. The excitement around the subject was, as I’m very old and can remember this kind of stuff rather similar to the early @media’s revolving around web standards, and on a week were the Web Standards Project shut itself down I was left wondering; have our best practises actually changed? Read more

Images – why the right format matters

Websites in the past few years have started to suffer from bloatedness and over-indulgance. People have predicted that an average site may hit 2mb by the end of 2013 which is fairly hefty, especially for people on a slow network or those with a fixed amount of data they can use each month. There are lots of code refactoring processes that can be done to improve things but you don’t need to be a coder to make your site faster – just use the correct image for the subject matter it contains and you can make some amazing size savings. Read more