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Event delegation in jQuery

At the start of the week I was lucky enough to attend @media Ajax in London. It was a great two days and while surprised at rather small number of attendees (not sure if it’s proximity to d.Construct and Fronteers had anything to do with this..) yet again the quality of speakers (as with all @media events) were high and I feel that I got a lot out of the two days (and nights at the pub :>)

While in the past I have written up my conference experiences this year I must tip my hat towards Mike Davies as he has done an excellent write up of both @media ajax day 1 and @media ajax day 2 over at his blog. Go and read that, it’s really well written and sums everything up well.

One thing that did cause suitable excitement (for me at least) was the talk from Yehuda Katz talking about jQuery as it highlighted a previously unknown method of achieving event delegation natively inside the framework. Read more